Paper Packaging Coloured Acid Free Tissue Counter Kraft Rolls
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Harrison's Packaging offers a vast range of paper packaging including the popular Kraft paper range, (counter rolls) and coloured Kraft counter rolls to match our range of coloured stock paper bottle bags and carrier bags, acid free tissue, twine and corrugated cardboard rolls with our best selling lines available for sale in our online shop.

Printed Paper Products

We also offer custom printed tissues, custom printed display cartons / boxes and custom printed gift boxes. A minimum order size will apply to each order.

Custom printed acid free tissue paper can be printed in two colours and is available in either 500mm x 750mm or 600mm x 900mm reams. A minimum order size of 50 reams, (each ream has 480 sheets) will apply to each order.

Custom printed display cartons, dump bins and point of sale cartons for retail display purposes can be printed in up to six colours and they are available in gloss and matt finishes.

Our custom printed gift boxes are paper coated gift boxes with foil block printing in your own words and design. The printing can be done in many different colours to suit your needs and custom printed tissue is available to match your gift box design. Litho printing is also available if required.

All our gift boxes are "lid and tray" paper coated boxes and are currently available in cube and cuboid shapes in different sizes. The gift boxes are packaged, ready to use so there is no need to assemble them before use.

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Please call us on 01257 477920 or email us with your exact requirements if you wish to place an order for custom printed acid free tissue paper, custom printed display cartons and custom printed gift boxes as these have to be quoted for on an individual basis. Images of custom printed tissue, cartons and gift boxes already supplied and/ or used by Harrison's Packaging are available in our online shop.

Type of paper / box

Typical Uses

Plain acid free tissue paper

White and coloured acid free tissue paper is widely used for retail gift wrapping of items such as silver and chrome without attacking polish. Ideal for gift wrapping.

Custom printed acid free tissue paper

Our custom printed tissue paper is ideally suited to add that little extra bit of individuality and class to products such as china, shoes and clothing. Custom printed tissue is also a great way to market a brand or company name and as such is a very popular form of promotional packaging.

Kraft Union paper

Waterproof paper for lining cases and export packing.

Kraft wrapping paper

For wrapping parcels in conjunction with polypropylene twine.

Eco style coloured Kraft paper counter rolls

Available in red, green, blue and black our new coloured Kraft counter rolls are ideal for gift wrapping customer's shopping. The coloured paper counter rolls match our new stock collection of Eco style ribbed paper carrier bags and single bottle bags (no black bottle bag).

Waxed Kraft paper

For dealing with oily and greasy products such as lightweight auto parts.

Polypropylene twine

Polypropylene twine is ideal for tying parcels up with, wrapped using our Kraft wrapping paper.

Polypropylene twine is available in large reels for extra economy.

Sisal twine

Our sisal twine is made from 100% natural fibres it is suitable for use with parcels and is also widely used by many for handicraft projects.

Sisal twine is available in large reels for extra economy.

Corrugated cardboard rolls
Our corrugated cardboard rolls are a lightweight, recycyled paper, low cost fluted form protective wrapping for light weight goods such as small electrical items.
Paper recycling bins
Paper recycling bins for office use. Minimum order applies. Call for more details.

Custom printed cartons/ boxes

Bespoke printed display cartons, dump bins and point of sale cartons for retail display purposes from corner shops to high street shops and supermarkets. Custom printed dump bins for example are ideally suited for selling large volumes of small goods such as stationery, socks and cuddly toys and can also be used as promotional packaging for promoting sale items.

Custom printed gift boxes

Our ready to use custom printed gift boxes are ideal for all retailers wishing to add that extra bit of attention to detail to the packaging of their goods. The gift boxes are particularly popular with jewellers, hat shops and ladies and men's clothes shops.

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Kraft paper (counter roll) dispensers are available in various sizes from our warehouse please call us on 01257 477920 or email us with your exact requirements.

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