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Harrison's Packaging stock a wide range of security packaging products to go with your other packaging purchases and our best selling lines are now available for sale in our online shop.

If you are looking for items such as postal envelopes for items that require only a normal level of security these can be found in our postal products section or normal clear security wrap which can be found in our polythene products section.

As well as stock security packaging products we also have a wide range of custom security packaging solutions to provide the best possible tamper proof solutions to safe guard your products against all proven methods of tamper attack.

Whether you are in the electrical, electronic, forensic, pharmaceutical, medical, banking, computing or any other type of industry we have the security packaging solution for you!

We mainly specialise in custom made tamper evident tapes, labels and security bags. Some examples of the custom made security packaging solutions we provide are:

  • Sealing over factory-set items for warranty issues
  • Sealing cartons / cardboard transportation boxes
  • Producing a permanent tamper evident "Genuine Product" seal with individual coding/numbering
  • Tamper proof security bags with different levels of protection for a wide range of applications

The custom printed security labels can include a promotional message so that the security labels double up as a promotional label. Our KeepSafe and CoinSafe custom printed security bags these can be printed in up to 6 colours for you. We also offer custom Versapak security solutions, so if you can't find a standard Versapak secure bag or pouch that fits what you are looking for we can design a custom one for you.

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Minimum order quantities apply for all our custom security packaging solutions.

If you wish to place an order for custom security packaging solutions. Please click on the "Quote me" button to request a quotation as these have to be quoted for on an individual basis.

Type of security packaging product


Description and Typical Uses

KeepSafe gold tamper evident security bags

Clear and opaque tamper evident security bags. Available in 3 standard sizes or custom made in various sizes. Bags can be custom printed with customer details.



KeepSafe gold tamper evident security bags from Sealed Air are single-trip polythene security bags with an easy to use closure seal that offers tamper evident security against ALL known methods of attack.

Once the bags are sealed any unauthorised attempts to break the seal will cause the universal STOP message to appear. Print along the sealed edges will also show any attempts to interfer.

Each bag and receipt is printed with a unique sequential number and high resolution bar code for use in track and trace systems, helping to deter anyone from tampering with the bag and its contents as security breaches can be accurately pinpointed. This latter point is useful in preserving the integrity of all personnel handling the bags.

KeepSafe gold security bags are designed for easy use, in that they are very easy to fill and seal. The coloured release tape has multi-lingual instructions for bag closure and allows unsealed bags to be easily identified.

The security bags offer a secure way of reducing the cost of transporting high risk goods and decreasing the risk of pilfering both internally and from external sources.

KeepSafe gold tamper evident security bags are recommended for use in high-risk situations such as handling cash, cheques, share certificates and other sensitive items. They are designed for providing the highest possible level of protection and as such are used by the police for police evidence and forensic scientists for forsensic evidence, by the banking, retail and security industry for cash deposits. They are also ideal for anyone wishing to send highly confidential documentation such as the legal profession, government or miitary.

CoinSafe tamper evident security coin bags

7kg tamper evident security coin bags.

The CoinSafe security coin bags have a tamper evident security seal and as the name suggests they are suitable for providing a secure way of packaging coins during transportation.

The coin bags are ideal for councils who wish to empty parking meters and for shops, restaurants, pubs, sports clubs and social clubs wishing to take their takings to the bank.

Tamper evident security labels and tapes

Semi-permanent security labels and tapes. Available in 1 size; both the labels and tape can be supplied plain or printed.

Tamper evident security tapes and labels provide a simple and cost effective solution for improving your security. The tapes and labels have been designed to offer a secure sealing system that is more flexible than traditional seals. They are suitable for use on cardboard, painted surfaces, plastics, metals and glass and leave a semi-permanent signal on the surface to which they are applied.

The security labels and tapes are suitable for deterring even the most determined thief, as they are tamper evident in that they provide immediate evidence of any tampering.

The labels and tapes are ideally suited for police security /control, forsensic evidence of security, medical packaging, computer hardware, cd roms, cash boxes, ATM cassettes and office desk drawers to name but a few applications.

The printed labels and tapes can also be used to provide extra value acting as promotional labels and tape promoting a business or brand name as well as acting as a security measure.

LockTape -Tamper Evident Security Tape

LockTape tamper evident security tape with a pre-printed message "Void Opened".

LockTape tamper evident security tape with a pre-printed "Void Opened" message provides security and protection for anyone that wants to know whether packaging has been opened after they had it sealed. If the packaging has been opened the tape leaves a tamper evident message behind that you can't miss.

For example if a retailer operates a policy that goods can only be returned if the packaging hasn't been opened the tamper evident security tape can be used to enforce this policy.

The tape is particularly popular with retailers who sell mobile phones, computer hardware, computer software and other electrical goods.

Versapak CD / DVD Mailing Pouches
Versapak CD / DVD mailing pouches
These pouches are ideal for sending out CD's, DVD's and other small fragile items out in the post. The Verapak pouches are made from heavyweight durable material with a rigid internal backing and are with a franking label patch and internal entry address window.

Not only are these pouches tamper evident, they are also tear and burst resistant, weather resistant and reusable.

Versapak Bulk Volume Mailing Pouches
Versapak bulk volume mailing pouches available in A4+ and A3+ sizes.

Versapak bulk volume mailing pouches with a single seam gusset tamper evident pouch making them ideal for mailing heavier contents.

These bulk volume mailing pouches are made from high quality heavyweight PVC coated nylon material.

Versapak Secure Holdalls and Courier Bags
Both are available in one size fits all.

Versapak secure holdalls and courier bags are an ideal security system for the transport and storage of items.

Both the secure holdalls and courier bags are tamper evident, weather resistant, tear and burst resistant and have easy grip comfort carry handles.

The secure holdalls hav an internal entry address window.

The courier bags have 4 internal compartments for the segregation of contents, the flap has a zipped clear pocket for document storage (A4 size). The courier bags have a window on the front that allows for identification and/ or branding. The bags closes with a heavy duty clip, and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap with waist clip strap.

Our most popular secure packaging solution for courier companies.

Versapak Secure Cash Bags
Versapak secure cash bags available in 3 sizes.

Versapak secure cash bags are tamper evident, protective, durable, reusable and tear and burst resistant.

They are the most secure cash bags available to buy and can be used in any cash office, or anywhere where cash is counted, stored and transported.

Versapak Secure Cash in Transit Bags
Versapak secure cash in transit bags available in 1 size.

Versapak secure cash in transit bags are as the name suggests used for carrying cash in transit.

The bags are tamper evident, protective, durable, reusable and tear and burst resistant. They are made from high quality heavyweight PVC coated nylon andhave a reinforced wooden base to support a heavy load.

They have easy grip comfort carry handles, metal feet and two internal entry address/ identification windows.

Versapak Personal Security Bags
Versapak personal security bags are available in 3 different sizes.

Versapak personal security bags, also known as personal effects bags, are ideal for schools, prisons, hospitals, hotels and anywhere else where a person's property, keys or other items need to be securely stored.

The personal effects security bags are tear and burst resistant, strong and durable, weather resistant, tamper evident and are a cost effective solutions for storing personal effects.

The small and medium personal effects bags are made from high quality lightweight PVC coated nylon with a clear front. The small bags are ideal for storing keys with a brass eyelet for ease of hanging and storage. The medium sized bags can be used for keys, mobile phones, credit cards.

The large personal effects bags are made from high quality lightweight PVC coated nylon material. They have a large window and one small window on the from, both of which can only be accessed from inside the bag. The bag also has a clear viewing panel to the rear which allows the users to see if the bag is empty or in use.


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