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Harrison 's Packaging offers a wide range of polythene packaging products including refuse sacks, builders sacks, asbestos warning sacks, shrink films, pallet wrap stretch films, layflat tubing and shrink quality pallet covers with our best selling lines available for sale in our online shop.

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Type of Polythene Packaging


Product detail & typical uses

Standard refuse sacks

Black, red, yellow, blue and green refuse sacks

For normal household, garden, office, clinical, charity collection sacks and lightweight industrial rubbish.

Builders sacks

Blue builders sacks / aggregate sacks

Builders sacks suitable for aggregate and other building waste.

Asbestos Warning sacks

Red and clear asbestos warning sacks

By law asbestos refuse has to be disposed in a printed refuse sack i.e. printed warning and double wrapped in a red sack inside a clear sack.

Shrink films

PVC and Cryovac polyolefin shrink film

PVC shrink film offers high clarity and strength to enhance the sales appeal of boxed retail products such as toys and CDs.

Cryovac polyolefin shrink film is widely used for direct contact with food as it is easy to shrink at lower temperatures and complies with FDA regulations.

Both types of shrink film need to be used in conjunction with shrink film systems.

Pallet wrap stretch films

Standard pallet, mini wrap and black security wrap.

Standard pallet wrap stretch films to protect palletised goods in transit. Mini wrap does the same for small sized goods and will secure and hold together almost anything whilst not sticking to the products itself.

Black security wrap offers a higher level of security to companies transporting palletised goods compared to normal clear security wrap as the goods are not visible. Black security wrap is particularly popular with the IT and electrical appliances industries as it helps protect against opportunist crime. We also stock a mini wrap and a standard pallet wrap dispenser, for more information click here to see the packaging tools section.

Shrink quality pallet covers

3 sizes

Shrink quality pallet covers for protecting products stored on pallets. Ideal for warehouse and outside storage. To be used in conjunction with a shrink gun.

Layflat tubing

8 different roll sizes.

Layflat tubing provides cut to fit protection for long length items such as pipes and tubes. The tubing can be sealed using an Impulse sealer to create the size of bag you require.

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All machines and tools required to use the polythene packaging products are available either in our online shop or from our warehouse. If you cannot find what you require please call us on 01257 477920 or email us and we will be more than happy to quote you.

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